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About PayGrip, Payments Terminology and Accepting Merchant Account Payments

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Thank you for visiting our About Us Page. We are glad you are visiting our site to learn more about accepting online payments with our merchant account credit card processing, ecommerce and e payment gateway related services. Paygrip allows your business to accept and process payments online utilizing most online shopping carts. Our hope is to not only provide valuable insight into our company, but also provide insight into the payments industry and the challenges in accepting and processing online payments. When you begin the process of finding a payments solution provider, you will uncover a plethora of payments processing solutions and terms available for accepting payments online. Some of the online payment solutions and terms may include: (but not limited to) – Internet merchant accounts, e payment processing, B2B payments solutions, b2b payments, ecommerce payments, internet payments, Internet credit card processing, online payments, accepting online payments, processing online payments, municipality payments, online recurring payments, recurring billing, retail payment solutions,, recurring billing, mobile payments, gateway payments, etc …. the list could go on and on. Bottom line: confusing payments terminology, including multiple terms in the payments industry for the same technology; often leads to difficult payment choices for a merchant when selecting a merchant account provider to accept and process online payments. Paygrip takes an educational approach explaining terminology throughout the website. As payments education is critical to a merchant’s ability to achieve success accepting online payments, Paygrip has a process to find solutions for merchants before and during the application process:

  • First - data must be provided to determine what the best credit card processing solutions might be.
  • Second - merchant focus must be on providing accurate descriptions of the processing environment.
  • Third - you must provide payment technologies that fit the merchant correctly, allowing them to process the maximum amount, or they will chase payment technologies that will allow them to process more with another payment processor.

In the not so distant past our Founder, Judson Smith, built one of the largest, low risk portfolios in the country for a major processor (PowerPay – acquired by EVO 2012). By providing VIP payments processing to retail, digital, integrated software and internet marketing merchants, Judson began to envision a future payments company driven by technology. Acquiring unique, inside knowledge working for a major payments processor and understanding internet marketing methodologies and technologies at the highest levels has allowed Paygrip to develop into an innovative, technologically adaptive credit card payments solution provider.

PayGrip provides a world-class, secure, scalable card payments processing platform designed for web developers and merchants that require a unique online card services partner – one that understands online business and technology. PayGrip offers much more than the ability to accept payments online. Paygrip is building a comprehensive suite of business intelligence tools and services that are designed to enhance and facilitate the collection of increased merchant account processing volume -through credit card services and merchant services. From small startups, retail brick and mortar- to e-commerce merchants who need to accept credit card payments online, we cater to your every merchant account need. Paygrip is providing integrated card payments solutions, and complete credit card payment systems that allow you to accept payments online. In most cases – Paygrip can recommend and deliver a solution to collect and accept credit payments without needing a complicated, expensive credit card payment system. We specialize in merchant accounts that need credit card machines, POS (point of sale), or our favorite - ecommerce online payment gateways that have simple monthly billing, and offer a variety of ecommerce tools.

The ability to accept credit card payments is offered through registered Visa/MC payment companies who provide merchant card services, online credit card payments, card services, and credit card systems to merchants who need to accept payments in a retail or online ecommerce environment. Processing is highly regulated – and education can be costly in chargeback fees, held funds and reserves, etc. A merchant account is a large responsibility for a merchant – without one, it is hard to conduct business in today’s environment. Card acceptance has become so common that many businesses would fail without the ability to accept credit card payments, retail or online. Paygrip has an extensive list of credit card machines, POS (point of sale) solutions, ecommerce gateways and shopping carts that we can recommend and provide integration to. However, most often, we use the same group of proven payments components to service our merchants. Simplicity is priceless. The same goes with payments processing and card acceptance education.

Merchants entering the world of card services and merchant account card acceptance for the first time should be educated on the merchant services and merchant card payments acceptance best practices. Paygrip prides itself on delivering informative guidance to start up merchants and established merchants. While many payment processors concentrate on driving revenue through many types of add-on processing fees and equipment - Paygrip provides the merchant focus and stability that enables them to concentrate on driving sales and revenue, without having to worry about payments related issues. Paygrip interviews new and established merchants so that the most efficient card payments solution or card payments system is selected. Providing long term value is more important to us than selling unnecessary or expensive credit payments solutions to our customers. By delivering maximum value from clear language, delivery, setup, and billing -Paygrip provides online national payment card, debit and international credit payment card acceptance through our preferred gateway,

Merchant card services and merchant services allow you to accept credit card payments - both retail payments, and online credit card payments systems. Sometimes, these can be referred to as an online credit card merchant gateway system or online credit card payment system that uses merchant card services to accept online credit card payments. Accepting internet card payments online can be complicated and is far more prone to chargebacks and customer service issues than retail payments. In addition, internet merchant accounts with a payment gateway can represent large amounts of risk when accepting card payments online – for the merchant and the payment processor. The ability to process credit cards is a privilege, and merchant services companies accept great risk in underwriting retail and internet merchant accounts. Ecommerce payments are the single biggest risk to payment processors today. Ecommerce fraud is at an all- time high, requiring that card payments online be secure and all merchant services and merchant gateway settings are set to the highest protection to have as much chargeback protection as possible.

From simple retail payment merchants who require credit card merchant machines- to B2B payments, recurring payments and complete ecommerce credit card payments systems - the merchant focus at Paygrip is to provide custom card services that enhance your credit card machine payments collection or ecommerce online payments efforts. Most merchants have spent considerable time and money building their business – so choosing the right processor can be tough. We are here to discuss your options - and if we can’t help you now, our thought is that you may come back to us at some point in the future for a merchant account. So with that being said, some days we find ourselves helping merchants overcome processing issues with other payments companies; hoping for the chance we can do good now to gain a client in the future.

As with any processor who needs to provide online payments to merchants- we choose our favorite or most trusted gateway partner, Merchant account gateways like are provided to Paygrip merchant account holders to accept payments online. By using the Paygrip card services platform to process and collect payments online, with as our main merchant gateway; Paygrip has provided a top notch merchant account payment gateway that allows for the ability to process credit and debit cards in a secure, robust manner. The function of a merchant services gateway is to accept payments online without a card machine, providing you the flexibility to take online credit card payments 24 hours a day. The ability to accept online and credit card payments through a payment gateway is a critical payment plugin for any ecommerce merchant. is the preferred provider of all Paygrip online card services, credit card systems and online credit card payments systems. also happens to be one of the most trusted gateways in the world – one that many payment companies like Paygrip recommend to their merchants.

Merchant services or card acceptance services as they can be called - provide the ability to process credit and debit credit card payments, and are critical to the success of many retail and ecommerce business models. Often times, a retail merchant can evolve from a credit card machine or credit card machine merchant into an online merchant account holder who wants to accept card services and collect payments online. A new ecommerce merchant account setup may be in order. Paygrip specializes in understanding additional processing locations and reprogramming of equipment and gateways.

Education is crucial in merchant card services and merchant account payment acceptance. Risk is a real problem in our industry from merchants who may not yet understand the complexities of accepting anything beyond retail payments. Accepting B2B payments, selling gift cards, or being setup for recurring payments through an ecommerce merchant account - is not all the same setup process. In fact, you may need multiple credit card systems or payment gateways depending on how complicated your business process is. The goal is to have products most clearly defined through the Descriptor Code (this is how the merchants name shows up on a credit card statement). So the point here is that you need to keep different products and services with different business names, separate in some cases. Our staff has become very familiar with the specific setup of many different merchant processing needs – we can effectively confirm you are setup correctly from the beginning, or add that additional location when you grow.

Our goal at Paygrip is to guide the merchant to the most efficient, value driven solution. The goal is to provide a merchant with a Paygrip merchant account that is specifically tailored for collecting retail credit cards payments, or ecommerce payments online, but not both. A merchant account set up for one type of retail merchant account is not necessarily able to accept payments or merchant services online through a merchant gateway or You need to be approved for online services and online gateway payment acceptance. In some cases, completely different merchant accounts are recommended for retail and ecommerce online payments. Not adhering to these rules can cause chargebacks and possibly prevent you from being able to collect credit card payments in the future.

Mobile payments are fast becoming more accepted by retail merchants who utilize card services through a credit card payments system such as a POS (point of sale), but wish to accept payments online through a mobile payments application, versus a full ecommerce website. Paygrip has embraced mobile payments - and can provide many different solutions for all types of smart phones. Combining retail payments with mobile payments or retail payments with ecommerce payments into one merchant account can result in expensive billing for the merchant. Chargebacks are one possible issue, but you could also be increasing the overall risk your merchant services card acceptance payment processing provider is comfortable with on your account.

Mobile payments are often grouped with or ecommerce merchant accounts, but there are unique differences in the way the credit payment cards may qualify for what is known in the card payments or card services world, as interchange billing. If the retail merchant account or the ecommerce merchant account is not set up correctly by the card services merchant account provider, there can be overbilling. In addition, the payment gateway ( needs to be set up correctly for the merchant account to process credit cards and accept payments to qualify for interchange merchant account and payment gateway systems. If you are integrating ecommerce merchant account payments to increase your card payments online, you need to use the right company to provide those merchant account services. Paygrip has partnered with top mobile processing solutions and top payment gateway solutions to provide you with the technology you need.

At Paygrip, we encourage you to benefit from lower processing fees any time you use AVS (Address Verification System). Card services ecommerce processing fees can be controlled and kept at a lower rate by using the AVS (Address Verification System) to make cards qualify for the lowest possible billing rate. In addition, retail card service processing fees can be controlled by consistently utilizing the swipe feature on the merchant services credit card machine on your premises. Key entered credit card charges can result in increased processing or interchange billing fees, potentially increasing the risk on your merchant account. It is worth the time to make sure the credit card correctly swipes through the credit card machine. Using the credit card machine the way it was designed (swiped not key entered) – not only does it lower billing in a retail payments environment, it reduces your chargeback risk by proving the customer or client was in the store. Paygrip is focused on analyzing your processing needs, and providing the right merchant account components to make your experience a success in both a card present and a card not present environment.

When given the ability to accept card services and card payments online – you can by accident, quite easily violate merchant account guidelines - especially when using an online payment gateway to grow your payments online. It is not uncommon for an ecommerce merchant to experience fraudulent purchasing attempts through websites that do not use advanced merchant payment gateway fraud control settings. Jeopardizing your merchant account can be done very easily. We always encourage our merchants to make sure you use your AVS (Address Verification System) - turn on your fraud controls to protect your ability to process payments online through a card system. A merchant account, card services or accepting payments in any capacity is a privilege, not a right. We are here to help you protect your merchant account, not just provide you with the merchant account.

In closing - Paygrip provides 24 hour customer support for our retail merchant account and online credit card payment ecommerce gateway merchant account holders. Our experienced staff will treat you like a VIP – small or large merchant. With a history of over delivering value and customer service – the Paygrip team continues to deliver valuable payments processing solutions through dedicated staff, resellers, agents and affiliates. Please call today to learn more.