Merchant Rate Schedule

Tiered Pricing

Name Value Unit
Visa/ MasterCard / Discover Credit Card Discount Rate:2.39%
Offline Debt Transaction Fee_____Per Item
PIN Debit Transaction Fee (plus Debit Network Fees_____Per Item
Pin Debit Participation Fee *$9.75Monthly
Bank Service Fee$10.00Monthly
AVS Surcharge$0.05Per Item
Batch Fee / Split Batch Fee (additional)$0.35 / $0.10Per Batch
Wireless Activation Fee (per device)$17.00Monthly
Accelerated Funding Fee_____Monthly
Mobile Fee (per device)_____Monthly
Voice Authorization Fee:$1.50Per Call
Monthly Discount Billing Fee0.04%Monthly
Visa / MasterCard / Discover Offline Debit Discount Rate_____%
Monthly Minimum (Visa, MasterCard and Discover monthly processing fees are applied against the Monthly Minimum)$20.00Monthly
EBT Transaction Fee0Per Item
Gift Card / Loyalty Card Transaction Fee:_____Per Item
Annual Fee (billed in advance for the following year)$79.00Per Year
ACH Reject Fee:$30.00Per Item
Retrieval Fee:$15.00Per Item
Chargeback fee:$30.00Per Item
Gateway Activation fee_____One Time
Gateway Access fee$20.00Monthly
ECommerce / Gateway / MICROS Item Fee$0.05Per Item
Simple PCI DSS Product Suite ***$4.95Monthly
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I/We understand and agree to the following: 1) Discount rate as stated above will be charged on “Qualified Rate” transactions. Qualified Rate transactions are defined as electronically authorized, or chip read swiped transactions on non–specialized Consumer Credit and Debit Cards that are batched and closed daily. In addition, sales volume may be charged for Association dues and assessments at a rate of up to 0.20%. 2) A “Mid–Qualified” surcharge of up to 1.53% + $0.20 may be added to the Qualified Rate under the following circumstances: a) Cardholder and card present at merchant’s point of sale device, key entered, signature obtained, Address Verification Service ("AVS") with full match of billing zip code, settled within three days of authorization; settle amount must equal authorized amount; b) Card not present, single authorization only, order number required, AVS with full match of billing zip code, settled within two days of authorization, settle amount must equal authorized amount; c) Certain Discover, American Express, Visa Rewards & Visa Signature, MasterCard Enhanced Value & MasterCard World Card transactions; d) All lodging, car rental, small ticket, convenience and Express Services transactions. 3) A “Non–Qualified” surcharge of up to 2.03% + $0.20 may be added to the Qualified Rate for transactions that do not meet the requirements stated above and may also apply to transactions on Bus, Corp, Int’l, Purch, & Comm Cards; T & E, Mail/Telephone, e–Commerce, certain Discover, American Express, Visa Rewards & Visa Signature, MasterCard Enhanced Value & MasterCard World Card. 4) If Interchange/Cost Plus: All transactions will be assessed the current, published interchange rates, in addition to the basis points as stated above. The published rates for Visa and MasterCard can be viewed at: and 5) Merchants may be charged a Cross Border transaction assessment of up to 1.75%, in addition to the applicable rate, on transactions when the country code of the Card Issuer differs from the country code of the Merchant. 6) On international transactions Merchants may be charged a rate of up to 1.50% on each of Visa's International Acquirer and Services Fees, Maestro U.S. and MasterCard's Cross Border and Acquirer Program Support Fees and Discover's International Service Fee and International Processing Fee. 7) POS high–speed processing and/or gateway activation may be subject to a one time set up fee of up to $100.00, depending on provider. 8) An early closure fee of $250.00 will be paid to EVO if the Merchant Processing Agreement is not terminated in accordance with the Terms and Conditions. 9) Merchant will also be assessed the following fees on Visa transactions: the Visa Misuse of Authorization System Fee, which will be assessed on authorizations that are approved but not settled in a timely manner; the Visa Zero Floor Limit Fee, which will be assessed on settled transactions that do not correspond to a valid authorization within the prior 30 days; and the Visa Zero Dollar Verification Fee, which will be assessed on transactions where Merchant requested an address verification response without an authorization. These fees of up to $0.10 per transaction will be displayed as separate items on Merchant's monthly statement and may include fees assessed by both the applicable card association and Bank or EVO. 10) Merchant will also be assessed each month the following Card Association fees: Fixed Network Fee and Acceptance and Licensing Fee. These fees, which may vary each month, are based on Merchant Category Codes, the number of merchant locations by Merchant's taxpayer identification number, and/or Merchant's processing volume by Merchant's taxpayer identification number. For additional information about these fees go to 11) Merchants will be assessed Card Association Authorization/Settlement Network Access/Usage Fee at a rate of up to $0.05 per transaction. A Digital Enablement Fee of up to 0.05% may be assessed on select card not present transactions. * PIN Debit Participation Fee includes costs associated with, among other things, Pin Debit Networks (such as Star, Jeannie, Pulse, NYCE, and others), Pin Debit Sponsor, and Pin Debit Gateways. ** Merchants assessed their Discount Rate at the end of each month instead of daily may be charged a Monthly Discount Billing Fee in an amount based on their settled transaction volume. *** If a Simple PCI DSS account is not activated within 60 days of the date of this agreement a PCI Non–Compliance fee of $34.50 will be assessed quarterly.

AMERICAN EXPRESS: If Merchant has elected to accept American Express Cards, Merchant acknowledges that in the event American Express determines that Merchant is or has become a High CV Merchant, then American Express may convert Merchant from the EVO American Express Opt–Blue Program to a direct Card acceptance relationship with American Express which has different servicing terms. Upon conversion Merchant acknowledges and agrees that (a) Merchant will be bound by American Express' then current Card Acceptance Agreement, and (b) American Express will set the pricing and establish the fees that Merchant will pay for acceptance of the American Express Card. American Express Fees: Up to 0.50% CNP fee will be charged for any transaction where the Card is not presented at the time of the transaction; a Network fee of up to 0.30% may be assessed on sales volume; and an Inbound Fee of up to 0.75% may be assessed where the country code of the card issuer differs from the merchant.