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B2B (Business to Business) transactions happen every day – businesses, companies and corporations buy products or services from one another and pay for those products or services with terms, either a net due date, or as many B2B companies have started to do: accept B2B payments through some sort of a credit card processing solution. Historically, B2B legacy technology has lacked true payments innovation, as the main choice for B2B payments has been non - cash, paper based checks. With an increasing need for small business and corporations alike to streamline back end accounting departments with efficient invoicing, billing and payment acceptance ; acquiring a B2B merchant account with a PCI compliant B2B payment solution merchant account provider has never been easier.

Hello – and thanks for stopping by our B2B payment solutions page. We are hoping to give some clarity on payments terminology and merchant account processing, which plays a large part in B2B payment processing. If you are looking to securely accept credit card payments online - Paygrip provides merchant account card services that allow retail, ecommerce, municipality, education, healthcare, non -profit and B2B merchants to accept payments online, process credit cards with a mobile swipe solution (m-commerce), or accept B2B payments through a credit card machine system (retail).

Many small businesses, large companies and corporations that do business with one another have begun to accept online B2B payments for the convenience of improving cash flow and reducing accounts receivables. The payments’ processing competitive landscape is constantly changing – however the ability to accept online B2B payments is not a new concept. A digital, connected ecommerce payments society that is adopting innovative smart card and biometrics mobile payments has finally driven the late to follow b2b payments market to slowly adopt simple credit card payment solutions. As more and more B2B companies redefine the way they invoice and collect payments, large scale B2B payments innovation will be driven by B2B needs. Most large corporations have realized that significant savings can be realized in accounting departments by implementing a proper B2B credit card payments solution. Some corporations have even begun implementing B2B recurring billing payment solutions – eliminating postage by emailing invoices and receipts!

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As many retail, internet ecommerce, mobile, municipality and B2B merchants have discovered, the economy has started to gain steam again, bringing more consumers and B2B companies into the marketplace for retail, B2B and e-commerce sales. Companies are spending money on IT infrastructure again, industry conferences are gaining more attendees and the unemployment rate has continued to come down. With record low mortgage interest rates, the country is starting to embrace capitalism again – even the real estate market has stabilized. Simply put, many B2B companies are starting to spend money again to position for the improving economy. Credit card merchant account underwriting departments across the country have started to see increasing applications again in certain channels, including B2B payments with mobile and recurring billing.

The impact of e-payments, or ecommerce payment processing and mobile payments that allow you to process payments online has transformed the competitive landscape from sleepy to active in a decade. Payment startups Boston and New York have continued to emerge; focused on mobile payments, recurring payments, P2P (Peer to Peer), municipality payment solutions and VAR b2b payment invoicing solutions that allow a business to accept electronic payments through a payment gateway. Even cloud B2B payments are a new and emerging payments trend – bringing invoicing and payments together for savings and efficiency in the cloud, allowing scalability never seen in B2B prior. B2B payment innovation will continue for years, creating new ways for B2B companies to take, accept and process B2B electronic ecommerce, mobile credit card and recurring payments.

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Taking, accepting, and processing B2B payments, or B2B recurring billing credit card payments is best facilitated with a credit card processor familiar with underwriting B2B recurring billing and high volume merchant accounts for businesses to business or government related entities. B2B payments and merchant services are critical to a B2B merchant. Paygrip can provide a PCI compliant B2B payment solution to allow you to accept online ecommerce B2B payments, or a PCI compliant B2B mobile payments (m-commerce) solution. Either solution allows you to accept electronic payments for your business. Offering a robust merchant account solution - Paygrip offers an online B2B merchant account payment solution that allow your business to take, accept and process commercial, corporate and government credit cards through a secure, online payment gateway (e-commerce). Most merchant account card systems that allow online payments such as Paygrip -also offer as the preferred payment gateway. Recurring billing and fraud control are accomplished through integration with merchant account provided by Paygrip.

Paygrip provides merchant card services, b2b e-payment solutions, ecommerce payment gateways and mobile payment applications that allow you to process online b2b credit card ecommerce and mobile payments.

If you wish to accept online or mobile payments for your B2B business, company or corporation – please call Paygrip at 1-207-415-4789 - or enter your information in our contact form to have a representative call to discuss available payment options.

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Recurring Payments Architectural Firms B2B Payments Publishing Companies Credit Card System Commercial Real Estate
Credit Card Payment System Engineering Companies Credit Card System IT Companies Recurring Billing Construction Companies
Merchant Account Janitorial / Cleaning Companies Process Credit Courier Services Recurring Billing Industrial Equipment Supply
Credit Card Processing Commercial Landscaping Recurring Billing Plumbers Accept Mobile Payments Electricians
Recurring Payments Petroleum / Fuel Services Merchant Account Oil / Propane Delivery Services Credit Card Processing Irrigation Specialists
Credit Card Processing Tree Care Recurring Billing Construction Rental Merchant Account Paper Supplies
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