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Window price shoppers and tire kickers are typically attracted to the lowest rates published – not understanding that you truly get what you pay for in the merchant card services industry. Fees are but one component of processing payments online. Card processing services and card processing setups can add technological challenges if not utilizing the correct online merchant services internet payment gateway. Paygrip provides e payment and merchant gateway access to to complement the merchant services we provide. Providing virtual merchant processing solutions through secure a secure e payment gateway provider such as gives our merchants a safe, reliable solution that integrates fraud control features. A payment gateway such as allows you to accept e payments and process ecommerce payments securely through your website.

E-commerce and e payment merchants need a payment processor who can understand and comprehend complex, e-commerce business models. You require a merchant account card payments processing partner who has extensive background experience in Risk and Underwriting ecommerce. Merchant services are crucial to the success of any online internet web merchant needing to accept credit card payments through an ecommerce payment gateway. Choosing the wrong provider for your online payment processing can be costly in setup fees, cause merchant account customer chargebacks (disputed charges), and cancellation fees; ultimately jeopardizing your ability to accept payments online.

Incorrect e payment credit card merchant setup on authorization networks can have an impact on processing fees and chargebacks. This is just one of the reasons choosing the right credit card payment processing company is so important. Internet merchant accounts that utilize payment gateways to process e payments can and do incur chargebacks ratios that are consistently higher than retail payments. Recurring payments which many payment gateways provide as a service; can also cause chargeback ratios to increase. Paying attention to your payment gateway - removing recurring billing for cancelled subscriptions or giving credit card refunds as and when required, is one of the best ways to continue to accept online payments.

It is important to stress – a merchant account, card services and processing payments online through any credit card payment system is a privilege to have, not a right. Accepting card payments online through a merchant account card service company and payment gateway is a privilege many virtual and ecommerce merchants have lost due to carelessness and mismanagement of the merchant account and payment gateway. In addition, rejecting any credit card processing fees, or chargebacks that reject from your business bank account – can result in suspension of your privilege to accept ecommerce payments through your payment gateway.

Process credit card payments online:

1. Merchant Account

Paygrip will provide an ecommerce e payment merchant account to all approved Internet and web merchants. Acquiring a merchant account to accept credit card payments through a payment gateway is done by applying through a merchant card services provider such as Paygrip. Applying to process online credit card payments is a bit more complicated for an ecommerce merchant. Card services processors and merchant card services providers will require a completed website, and terms and conditions on products/services that coincide with best practices within the card services for refunds and returns. Merchant services companies that underwrite internet merchant accounts look for completed websites that are ready to accept payments online. If you are an existing merchant looking for a new credit card processor to process your payments online – it is a good idea to review your refund and return policies, making sure they are solid with clear guidelines. These clear policies can help you in Underwriting, but more importantly, they give clarity to your customers. In addition - for new Internet Merchants, making sure your website is complete, products ready to be reviewed and contact information is available is a big component of getting approved for an Internet merchant account.

2. Payment Gateway

Paygrip will provide payment gateway access to for all approved Internet merchants who utilize the Paygrip platform to process their ecommerce and e payment payments online. The payment gateway is setup and activated after a merchant has been successfully underwritten and been setup on the back end settlement and front end networks by the merchant account processor. At this point –MIDS and TIDS (merchant identification numbers) and (terminal identification numbers) are used to complete the setup to process credit and payments online within the payment gateway ( Ecommerce payment processing is the ability to accept online credit card payments through an internet merchant account payment gateway. To process e commerce and e payment online credit card transactions either as a virtual merchant, or online internet merchant payment gateway processing pure ecommerce payments, fraud controls are necessary to avoid violating merchant services terms and conditions. Merchant services that allow an internet merchant to accept online ecommerce credit card payments through the payment gateway (or all merchants for that matter) require the merchant account holder to abide by all terms and conditions of the credit card processing merchant services agreement terms and conditions. Failure to properly manage recurring payments, or recurring billing - can and does impact online web merchants’ ability to accept credit cards online through a merchant services provider.

3. Shopping Cart

Paygrip does not provide a shopping cart to ecommerce merchants. Few merchant services processing companies provide a shopping cart due to the differences in many carts. Merchant services processing companies tend to stay on the merchant account and payment gateway sides. Paygrip provides the merchant account and access to the payment gateway. The third component needed for any business to process payments online through a merchant account and payment gateway is the online shopping cart. Many ecommerce and e payment shopping cart companies exist in the online shopping cart ecommerce solution industry. provides integration to many shopping carts.

In closing - Paygrip is fluent with e-commerce terminology and conversion measurement methodologies. Paygrip provides access to the most sophisticated, secure payment networks and gateways available; reliably processing your transactions. Learn what VIP merchant services are all about.