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Paygrip has developed the Swiper X Mobile Solution to supercharge your payments across your retail store, and beyond! The Paygrip Swiper X mobile solution includes a card reader that attaches to most modern mobile smartphone devices. The Paygrip Swiper X mobile payment solution enables clients and customers to pay for products in the store – or in the field. Get a grip on your payments today – your competition is using mobile payments to process credit card - shouldn’t you?

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To accept mobile M-commerce payments, or not – that is the question…..

Payments terminology and technology in the merchant account services world can be confusing to established merchants, or for anyone accepting card payments for the first time. By providing valuable payments knowledge to all new, or existing retail, ecommerce, e payment or mobile merchants; we hope that you will apply with us and or remember us when it is time to find a merchant account payment provider who can provide you with the credit card system you need to authorize and process credit and debit cards with precision; securely and efficiently. New jobs in mobile payments today are emerging and expanding from mobile payments companies located in New York and Boston - across the mobile payments industry. These startups are counting on the continued expansion of mobile generated payments growth.

Between 2011 – 2014, mobile payments in the US and Canada have continued to generate new retail jobs, new retail business models, and opportunity. Mobile payments startups in New York and Boston have surged. These entrepreneurs are counting on the ever growing shift to mobile payments. Mobile payments adoption is growing exponentially and those merchants who consider this a mobile payments trend may be missing out on the revenue your competition is already “swiping” away.

Here is our unique take on mobile merchant account payment card services, retail mobile payments and the ability to authorize and process credit card transactions:

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Even though the technology to accept mobile payments through mobile pay, or to accept Mobile commerce (M-Commerce), has been around for a number of years - most widely available mobile devices have only recently become capable of accepting mobile payments. Now that qualified merchant services companies have begun offering many affordable options to accept electronic payments through almost any mobile device possible – retail merchants and merchants “on the go” have begun to embrace mobile payments to accept credit and signature based debit cards at an increasing rate. A lot of the barriers to mobile payments adaption have been removed. Older wireless credit card terminals have essentially been replaced with mobile payments technology. Simple mobile (Point of Sale) swipe card readers have now become fully PA-DSS encrypted and the high cost of entry to add a mobile solution to your storefront, or to your “on the go” business has been essentially eliminated by increased competition. Across the Internet, many mobile payments blogs will confirm the confusion many merchants experience. You will find information on mobile payments trends across the Internet on mobile technology that is not, and will not be available commercially for years. Many mobile payments news and comparison blogs, biometric payment and competitive landscape websites will give you more than your need for mobile payments daily news. Mobile payment forums exist to provide not only enormous amount of information for merchants, but for mobile payments jobs in New York and Boston. The amazing power of the mobile commerce merchant has energized the US mobile payments industry – new mobile payments architecture is being developed for the next generation of technology already in use in Europe. Biometric, smart card and other technologies will one day enhance the mobile payments technology we are using today. As we proceed into the future, Paygrip will continue to educate ourselves and provide mobile payments with merchant processing stability in mind.

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For retail storefront owners who own expensive POS credit card machine systems, mobile payments are not designed to replace your main point of sale system at your counters. The goal is to provide employees and staff with mobile or tablet based mobile payments solutions such as PayWare to complement your store during busy seasonal, or Holiday periods. Simple studies have shown that having roving employees accept payments from customers using mobile pay – bypassing the traditional check- out, leads to increased brand loyalty. The simple act of providing an easier way to check out can pay dividends. In addition to increased loyalty - many retail merchants have noticed the ability to upsell to their customers while in front of different products normally not at a traditional check-out counter. Business owners find themselves selling more products due to the different locations the customers may be approached to check out. Accepting mobile payments has actually increased retail sales within some brick and mortar establishments – you’ve gone from checking out someone who has already selected their products, to being in a no pressure sales position before the counter, in front of the customer buying products. Your M-Commerce mobile conversion rates can be exponentially increased if you use your mobile processing device properly. Additionally, who you focus your mobile payments sales and demographics on can have an impact on your mobile commerce conversions. Think smart!

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As electronic payments and ways to authorize, accept, and collect official payments for property tax, college tuition, rent, insurance and utilities evolve –authorized mobile payments technology will continue to expand wherever there is a need to swipe or accept credit cards. Paygrip is pleased to offer PayWare by Verifone for all mobile payments merchants. A robust, secure mobile payments platform – Paygrip has chosen PayWare due to its unique ability to work on multiple mobile devices in a secure, reliable manner.

Small business owners who accept payments in house often see a need to collect credit card payments in the field. This could evolve out of the opportunity to increase cash flow by getting immediate payments versus a 30 day invoice. It could also involve a reach into a new market that is not being served in your area. Many small businesses and large companies today are using the opportunity to collect mobile electronic payments at the time of purchase; it increases cash flow and reduces accounts receivables at the same time– all from out in the field. Merchant services credit card system processing solutions were once designed for retail, moto (Mail Order Telephone Order), ecommerce or e payment merchants who needed a specific credit card payments solution. Now, the “on the go” mobile merchant who sells products or services in the field can process authorized payments, accepting credit and signature debit cards – while increasing their average ticket with “in the field sales” tactics. In certain studies it has been shown that retail customers and clients typically spend more money with a company offering upsells to other products and services in a non-typical check out environment.

As merchants seek new ways to drive new revenue sources, credit card merchant processors have been reactive to payment needs as they emerge in large scale. Now that mobile payments have evolved into walking cash registers – where is the next area of technology that will entice merchants to offer products and services around them?

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As noted above, Boston and New York have seen amazing growth in mobile payments startups from 2011-2014. New mobile payments startups are constantly being dreamed about at every mobile payments summit and mobile payments conference that exists. In our opinion - as the mobile payments adoption rate continues to increase for retail merchants –MOTO and ecommerce gateway businesses will be the next group to make mobile payments go viral. The mobile merchant ecosystem from the US, Canada and China will continue to drive growth for years for credit card processing companies. Industry mobile payments news and a plethora of mobile payment startups suggest mobile payments jobs in New York will continue to grow. Especially as the NFC (Near Field Communication) payments technology expands – mobile payment startups in New York, mobile payment startups in Boston, and the UK – should shift to providing NFC technology application development for those merchants again wanting competitive edge over their competition.

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Do you have a business that could benefit from getting paid instead of sending out invoices hoping to collet in 30, 60, 90 days? Accepting mobile payments has generated more revenue for small business and large companies than a virtual or retail credit card payments terminal. Used correctly and appropriately, mobile payments have enabled the small merchant to gain a foothold over other small competitors. Large companies have used it to effectively maintain their distance over smaller competitors slow to adapt mobile payments technology. Accepting payments through an authorized mobile platform allows you to minimize cash payments and maximize credit payments. Many small and large companies today have begun to eliminate or minimize cash as a payment option due to security concerns, or cash shrink control. Large amounts of cash can be difficult to account for in large venues, at charities and in busy, often seasonal food establishments that cater to large crowds over short periods of time. Accepting credit cards only or minimal cash in large crowds will eliminate many small merchant cash concerns. The end goal is to provide merchant card solutions that work for each merchant. Our mobile solution is designed to be friendly and easy to use.

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In closing - Mobile payments allow you to authorize credit cards in relation to services rendered for current and near future fulfillment. The functionality of a mobile payments solution works similar to many authorized gateway providers, facilitating payments directly to your business checking account in 48 hours. Most electronic payments providers and merchant service processors work in 48 hour settlements. Not all merchant account payment gateways accept authorized mobile payments directly. Paygrip has identified mobile payments solutions that interact and authorize payments directly, and settle those electronic payments through robust, technologically adaptive platforms. Many studies have shown mobile payment devices increase average ticket sales to small business retail payment merchants who integrate mobile payments in the store and in the field. With proper mobile merchant account education – your client or customer will appreciate the reduction in paper net 30 day invoices and understand the shift to more “real time” payments. Many processors (including Paygrip) will provide a free mobile swipe device to process mobile payments, and fees for mobile processing are now stable across the industry. As with any merchant account provider – you do get what you pay for when selecting a mobile merchant card services processor.

Paygrip provides mobile payment solutions, merchant card services, mobile payments, mobile e-payment solutions, mobile ecommerce payment gateways and mobile payment applications that allow your business or company the ability to process online credit card ecommerce and mobile payments.

Please call for more information or fill out our state of the art online merchant account application below. We look forward to answering any additional questions you may have - Thank you for your business.

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