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Hi – welcome and thank you for visiting our Municipality Payment Solutions page. We are pleased you have found us, and welcome the opportunity to explain the benefits of accepting and processing municipality payments in your community with a Paygrip approved, PCI compliant municipality payments merchant account solution.

As the economy shifted into a downtrend in 2008, municipalities began to collect less revenue across the board, impacting many community programs and services, not typically noticed in an upbeat economy. Delinquency spiked in real estate property tax bills, fishing/hunting permit purchases and parks recreation visitation dropped significantly in some portions of the country. It was during this economic downturn that many residents began requesting a pay ticket online option, including utility billing services. Soon, municipalities began to realize that collecting more payments was limited by only accepting checks. Many town managers soon realized – tax payers without money in their checking account couldn’t pay their municipality bills, however – they were willing to pay their bills with a credit card payment! (This simple realization saved many small towns during the worst economic downturn our country had experienced in generations).

As the economy started to recover, many large municipalities started to use municipal online payments to drive new revenue to other departments such as offering fishing licenses when paying your real estate property taxes, or utility bills. Paying a traffic ticket? Maybe it’s time to ask if the resident would also like to register their vehicles, pets, or donate a small amount to the Parks and Recreation fund? The point is – recent municipality payment acceptance has been focused on the cultivation and creation of new revenue streams. Accepting municipality payments is the first step to discovering new ways to generate revenue through your local city/town/municipal website. Either by paying a bill, paying a fine or processing a payment for a permit, accepting online payments for your municipality is a fantastic way to interact with your community and create new revenue streams.

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