Accept Retail Payments

Retail Payments

Many retail merchants and retail marketers have been with the same credit card processor for years. Many restaurants, salons and spas and petroleum merchants are using old point of sale (pos) equipment that has not been updated to take tips, or take advantage of decoupled debit card payment solutions.

Decoupled debit combined with retail payments can reduce credit card processing fees and chargebacks. Decoupled debit solutions can build loyalty and increase sales. Retail and decoupled debit payments can provide significantly reduced credit card swipe fees.

How your credit card processing charges accumulate is a direct reflection of how you process your electronic payments. Paygrip can provide a retail or decoupled debit payment solution (along with decoupled debit forecasting and predictive analytics) and merchant account for your retail location environment.

(Paygrip can provide or reprogram most retail POS (point of sale) systems. Paygrip can also reprogram most physical credit card processing terminals in the field, enabling them to operate on the Paygrip platform.)

Popular retail establishments that we provide payment solutions for:

Card Services Salons B2B Payments Spas B2B Payments Department stores
Accept Mobile Payments Men's clothing stores Accept Mobile Payments Women's clothing stores Credit Card Payment System Children's clothing stores
Credit Card Payment System Restaurants Credit Card Payment System Pizzerias Credit Card Payment System Sandwich shops
Recurring Billing Farmers markets Recurring Payments Grocery stores Credit Card Payment System Bakeries
Credit Card Processing Toy stores Recurring Billing Hobby shops B2B Payments Antique stores
Merchant Account Furniture stores Recurring Payments Electronics stores Credit Card Payment System Hardware stores
Recurring Billing Shoe stores Credit Card Processing Flower shops Process Credit Greenhouses
Accept Credit Payments Office supply stores Recurring Billing Convenience Stores Credit Card Processing Marinas
B2B Payments Book stores Credit Card Processing Sporting Goods Stores Accept Credit Payments Pet Stores
Process Credit Veterinary Clinics Merchant Account Hearing Aid Centers Recurring Payments Petroleum / Fuel Services
Card Services Bicycle Shops Process Credit Snowmobile Dealers Accept Credit Payments Boat Dealers