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Advances in online payments technology, retail payment credit card solutions and mobile acceptance has made the merchant account card services world very competitive for payment processing companies; and the agents that resell payment services. Every day, new ISO/MSP payment companies are formed – and new agents enter our industry. As new digital payment technologies are developed for emerging markets that demand innovative ways to accept credit card payments –most merchants selling goods and services will gravitate towards those payment solutions that offer the most value. Agents will continue to sell every new payments technology that appears. Future payment technologies will continue to be built by payments startups in Boston and New York, however – are they focused correctly?

Often times, advances in credit card payment acceptance are simply new ways to accept and process the credit card payments most merchants already accept. Why aren’t payment processors focused on helping their merchants accept more credit card volume by using Big Data to provide insight? As a whole - the entire payments industry has been a little behind on using Big Data to facilitate merchants processing more credit card volume. The reason behind this is that more credit card volume means more risk and liability. With a Risk approach - Paygrip has identified ways to provide market driven business intelligence designed to safely increase merchant card services credit card volume.

Paygrip is building business intelligence tools to complement merchant marketing and credit card acceptance efforts. A first in the industry -we not only want to provide a merchant account to accept retail, mobile and ecommerce payments – we want to provide ecosystem specific competitive business intelligence tools that give edge in specific marketplaces.

Paygrip is the first company in the payments industry focused on building Big Data competitive intelligence tools designed to increase credit card collection payments for merchants.

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